Demand TSA Accountability

Just a short entry.

The TSA is accountable to NO ONE. 

Every US citizen must demand that the TSA be held to the same standards as the police.  We’ve allowed thugs with no restraints to take control of our airports.

It must stop.


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A Dark Day in US History

The government of the United States has formally recognised the terrorist rebels in Libya as the legitimate governing body.  They have the gall to say: “Washington accepts the Transitional National Council as the legitimate governing authority of the Libyan people.”!  This despite the fact that the Libyan people are by no means united in their support of the terrorists.

This is the culmination of a series of events designed by the US and its NATO stooges to harvest the wealth of Libya.  Notice the name of the terrorist group: the Transitional National Council.  The NATO Imperialists intended, from the beginning, to remove Colonel Qaddafi.  This “transitional” council would have been put in place whether the terrorists were personally able to defeat the legitimate government or not.  As we know, they have been unable to defeat Colonel Qaddafi – even with NATO help!  The US and its stooges have paid them, armed them, and bombed the hell out of Libya for them, and they still could not win.  Yet know, at least to the US, they have somehow become more legitimate than the legal government of Colonel Qaddafi.  What an awe inspiring group!

Notice also the use of the word “national”.  It is clear that not all Libyans support the terrorists – not even a bare majority of them.  How can a “national” council be called such, when they are unable to win the loyalty of the people?  More importantly, how can the US recognise such a group?  Obviously, the answer has nothing to do with the people of Libya – but with the coffers of the US government.

The most disturbing aspect of this situation is that it demonstrates the true nature of the United States.  The US government does not hate terrorists – they just hate those terrorists that they can’t control.  We will gladly support any movement that seeks to bring down a government that does not kowtow to the US.  So long as the US thinks it controls the terrorist group – everything is fine.

Until it blows up, literally, in the US governments face.

Mindless of the possible future consequences the US plows ahead, giving arms, cash, and technical assistance to a group of terrorists – a group they know absolutely nothing about.  The US funded the anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan (the future Taliban), and later came to regret it.  Who can say what these terrorists in Libya will one day turn into?

Obama will be out of office long before they become a real problem.

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The Webb Led "C"PUSA and Libya.

I would like to take a moment to deconstruct the Webbist “C”PUSA statement on Libya.

First, notice this:   “The NATO powers, especially, France, the U.K., Italy and the United States, have gone far beyond any authority given them by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, which authorized the creation of a no-fly zone to protect unarmed Libyan civilians from being slaughtered by forces loyal to Moammar Gadaffi.”

Do you notice how the “C”PUSA tacitly goes along with the Imperialists by repeating the statement about slaughtering innocent civilians?  The Libyan military was striking against rebels that sought, obviously without a “majority”, to oust Colonel Qaddafi.  Sadly, in war, innocents are often the primary casualty.  Ask this:  How many civilians have NATO killed?  This question does not interest the Webb-led “C”PUSA, at least insofar as the whole situation is concerned.  This is how they describe the actions of NATO:  “As the conflict, involving pro-Gadaffi troops, mercenaries and tribal levies, NATO air strikes and rebel action, goes on, more and more people are dying and a larger and larger refugee situation is being created”
Colonel Qaddafi is slaughtering innocents, but NATO airstrikes merely lead to people dying.  This clearly shows the bias of the Webb-led “C”PUSA.  
In the article quoted above, Barack Obama is not held responsible in any way, except as an afterthought:”The Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) calls upon the people of our country, including especially the anti-war movement, organized labor and other democratic people’s movements, to demand that Obama administration to break with the aggressive policy its NATO allies…”  It seems that the “C”PUSA has forgotten that Obama approves of the attacks, and has spent US funds participating in the attack!  Not to mention, of course, that the US CONTROLS NATO!

Notice the following list of names from the article:
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
Presidents Ben-Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt
President Sarkozy of France
Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy
Moammar Gadaffi

What do you notice about this list?  Well, of the six names, four of them are US sympathizers.  That, however, is not what you should notice.  What you should notice is how the “C”PUSA addresses these men – by title.  Except for Colonel Qaddafi.  Not once in the above article is Colonel Qaddafi addressed as the leader of a sovereign nation.  Most often, he is simply called “Gadaffi”.  Whatever you might think about the Colonel’s alleged past actions, he is the legitimate leader of Libya, and should be addressed as such.  The “C”PUSA  puts him in the same class as bin Laden.

The “C”PUSA finally “demands” that the US government: “join the international call for a cease fire in Libya and a negotiated solution.” and that:”We ask all progressive people to demand US withdrawal from the attacks, and US support for a cease fire and negotiations now.”
They do not demand that the US government immediately withdraw unconditionally, they ask that the citizens of the US demand that the government withdraw.  They ask for negotiations.  Negotiations with whom?  The rebels?  NATO?  No negotiations are required as the US supported NATO invasion was illegal from the start.

Whatever you might think of Colonel Qaddafi is irrelevant.  The people of Libya must determine their own fate, without interference from Imperialist powers with obvious agendas that have nothing to do with the people! 

As a true Communist, I am appalled by the stance of the Webbist “C”PUSA.  This only proves, without a doubt, that Sam Webb (and, indeed, the bulk of the “C”PUSA) has strayed so far from Marxist-Leninist principles that he can no longer legitimately be called Communist.

He is a Bourgeois puppet.
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Libya "Smuggling" It’s Own Fuel?

It is amazing what the American government (and its puppet, NATO) will do to try and justify its actions.

We have know for decades that the US government will not hesitate to lie to its citizens and the world.  We know that the US government will manufacture “evidence” to use against other, sovereign, states.  We know that the US presidency is nothing but a tool of the Bourgeoisie, and will do whatever is necessary to protect its wealthy masters.

Today, I’ve encountered something new.  The US and NATO have made accusations that Colonel Qaddafi is smuggling his own fuel resources!

Aside from the fact that Colonel Qaddafi is the legitimate leader of Libya, and cannot -by definition- smuggle fuel from himself,  the illegal NATO invaders have absolutely no right to determine how much of the Libyan nation’s resources Colonel Qaddafi is allowed to use.  Is the US government “smuggling” fuel when it siphons it off the top to power its war machine?  That fuel could be used by the American people, but the US government is within its rights to use its fuel however it will.

The main idea here is that the US government controlled news media is actively participating in the illegal invasion by spreading US propaganda through its various outlets.  How often over the past months has some news agency claimed that Colonel Qaddafi would be gone any day now?  At least five times that I can remember.  Six, actually, if you count the story published today which quoted a Libyan traitor now living in Vienna.  How often do they report about the Libyan loyalists?  How often did we see the pro-Qaddafi demonstrations that were frequently held before NATO began to destroy Libyan civilian and military targets alike?

The US controlled NATO gloats at the hint of a political solution when it allegedly comes from Colonel Qaddafi, but they offer no political solution.  They want Qaddafi dead (as they have since the 1980’s), and they will stop at nothing to murder him.  Libya is a potential goldmine, and the US and its puppets WANT it.  Will they compromise with Colonel Qaddafi?  Of course not.

I would like to end by pointing out, again, that Colonel Qaddafi had every right under international law to strike against the rebels.  These were not protestors, as in Egypt and Syria, these were (and still are) heavily armed traitors (armed and funded by the US and its stooges).  In the exact same situation, the US government would react in the EXACT SAME way.

The US government cannot get its economy on track, but it has plenty of money to spend on foreign wars and on illegal invasions.

How pathetic.

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Being A Communist

The most obvious thing I can say is that you should be unafraid to be known as a Communist.  Wear the Hammer and Sickle proudly – whether it be on your lapel, a hat, a tee-shirt, etc…  I personally wear an old Soviet Hammer and Sickle Star hat badge in the lapel of my jacket, as well as a modern metal pin on my shirt, everywhere I go.  It has been known to cause minor problems (the TSA DO NOT like seeing them! Ha! Ha!), but the small hassle is worth it.  I have met many people, and opened many minds, in the airport.

Secondly, you should TALK about being a Communist.  To friends, family, and lovers.  Most people have an idea of Communism that comes from a junior high civics class – they don’t know the truth, and believe the Bourgeois lies and distortions.  If they know the truth, they are much more likely to at least discuss Communism with you.  After that, you can judge whether or not they might be interested in learning MORE.

Third, you should learn as much as you can about Communism.  Read Marx, Engels, and Lenin, at the very least.  The only way to combat the false Communism of Bourgeois Socialists like Sam Webb is to know what TRUE Communism is.  Ignore the flowery prose of the “C”PUSA website – ignore the quotes taken out of context.  Read legitimate Communist texts!

Finally, and perhaps surprisingly, you should join the “C”PUSA (if you can.  Sam Webb and his toadies tend to ignore membership applications from those opposed to current “C”PUSA policies.  This despite the fact that they are deperate to attract new members) The only way to defeat Sam Webb and his anti-Communist ideas is to challenge him with overwhelming numbers.

We can bring Communism back to the “C”PUSA!

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Principles of Communism

  “Question 24 :  How do communists differ from socialists?
    Answer :  The so-called socialists are divided into three categories.
    The first category consists of adherents of a feudal and patriarchal society which has already been and is still daily being destroyed by large-scale industry and world trade and their creation, bourgeois society. This category concludes from the evils of existing society that feudal and patriarchal society must be restored because it was free of such evils.
  By hook or by crook, all their proposals are directed to this end. This category of reactionary socialists, for all their seeming partisanship and their scalding tears for the misery of the proletariat, will nevertheless be energetically opposed by the communists for the following reasons:
    1. It strives for something which is utterly impossible.
    2. It seeks to establish the rule of the aristocracy, the guild-masters and the manufacturers, with their retinue of absolute or feudal monarchs, officials, soldiers and priests, a society which was, to be sure, free of the evils of present-day society but which brought with it at least as many evils without even offering to the oppressed workers the prospect of liberaion through a communist society.
    3. Whenever the proletariat becomes revolutionary and communist, these reactionary socialists show their true colours by immediately making common cause with the bourgeoisie against the proletarians.
    The second category consists of adherents of present-day society whose fears for its future have been roused by the evils to which it necessarily gives rise. What they desire, therefore, is to maintain the existing order of society while getting rid of the evils which are inherent in it. To this end, some propose mere welfare measures while others come forward with grandiose schemes of reform which under the pretence of reorganizing society are in fact intended to preserve the foundations, and hence the life, of the existing order of society. The communists must unremittingly struggle against these bourgeois socialists because they work for the enemies of the communists and protect the society which the communists aim to overthrow.
    Finally, the third category consists of democratic socialists, who favour some of the same measures the communists advocate, as described in Question[*], not as part of the transition to communism, however, but rather as measures which they believe will be sufficient to abolish the misery and evils of present-day society. These democratic socialists are either proletarians who are not yet sufficiently clear about the conditions for the liberation of their class, or they are representatives of the petty bourgeoisie, a class which, prior to the achievement of democracy and the socialist measures to which it gives rise, has many interests in common with the proletariat. It follows that in moments of action the communists will have to come to an understanding with these democratic socialists and in general to follow as far as possible, for the time being, a common policy with them, provided these socialists do not enter into the service of the ruling bourgeoisie and attack the communists. It is clear that this form of co-operation in action does not exclude the discussion of differences with them.”

It is quite clear that Sam Webb, indeed the bulk of the current membership of the “C”PUSA falls into the category of the Bourgeois Socialist(see the passage in bold above), perhaps fringing on the category of the Democratic Socialist.

To ensure the victory of Communism, we must fight against this trend in the World Communist Movement – as it has been stated, Bourgeois Socialists work for the enemies of Communism.

I would call on all members of the “C”PUSA to renounce Sam Webb and his supporters, and demand a restoration of the Marxist-Leninist ideals which are our only weapon against the Bourgeoisie.

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The TSA, or How Lies Become the Truth.

The TSA now claims that the elderly Florida woman was not forced to remove her diaper.  In fact, they state that they would NEVER demand such a thing in the first place.

In my own response from the TSA, they had this to say:

TSA reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and in accordance with proper screening procedures.  Contrary to reports, the Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) at VPS did not require this passenger to remove her adult diaper.  While every person and item must be screened before entering the secure boarding area, our TSOs work with passengers to resolve security alarms in a respectful and sensitive mannerIn no instance would our officers ask a passenger to remove an adult diaper.

Odd how it took them so long to state that they would never do such a thing.  Why wasn’t this stated from the very beginning?

Did you also notice the underlined portion of the statement?  All I can say is that I have NEVER been treated in a “respectful and sensitive manner” by the TSA.  In fact, I (and every other passenger) am generally treated like dirt, as if I am a potential criminal.  The TSA agents are typically rude, arrogant, and completely disrespectful (as my earlier post mentioning my grandmother attests, age is no barrier to the thuggery of the TSA).  If a cop witnesses a crime first hand, he still has to Mirandize the criminal – who is still presumed innocent as far as the courts are concerned. This is called due process, and it is our Constitutional right.  The TSA have no such restraints, they presume EVERYONE to be guilty – and there is no appeal.

Unfortunately, the Constitution is nothing but words on a piece of paper.

The truly sad thing is that some Americans have stated that even if the elderly Florida woman had been forced to remove her diaper, it would have been okay.  After all no law abiding citizen minds being violated and humiliated by security forces.


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