"C"PUSA and Obama

Has the “C”PUSA realised its mistake in supporting Obama?  Sadly, no.

Obama has proven himself to be the Bourgeois Imperialist that some of us always knew he was.  To recap:

1.  Guantanamo Bay, a gross violation of Human Rights, is still open.  There have been very few trials, and NO sign that more are set to begin.  Despite the campaign promises made by Obama to end this travesty, it is still there, operating in violation of International Law.  The area, itself, is nothing but an Imperialist land grab – and the fact that Obama flaunts its continued use is the most obvious example of the two-faced nature of American Imperialist politics.

2.  We are still embroiled in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Obama has sent more reservists to Iraq, and a recent report has stated that if we leave, the Iraqi puppet government will be unable to protect itself.  The translation is, of course, that we will not be leaving anytime soon.  The Imperialist invasion of Iraq was based on lies, and although the invasion of Afghanistan can, in Imperialist terms, be somewhat justified – the US still has not accomplished its objectives, namely to capture Osama bin Laden and to defeat al Qaeda.  Obama continues to support these wars, despite his contrary campaign promises.

3.  None of the Bush regime violations of human rights and dignity have been overturned.

Thank you, “C”PUSA, for supporting this violent Imperialist!

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