Workers World Party

In the most recent edition of the WWP “news”paper, much attention is lavished upon Hu Jintao and the Chinese government.  The WWP is positively giddy that Obama “honoured” China with a snazzy state dinner!   They fail to realise, however, that the current government of China is not in the slightest bit Marxist (of course, it never has been)!

The most disturbing aspect is the trend, followed by the WWP, of vilifying Tibet.  By virtue of some Chinese propaganda pamphlet, many American Communists have decided that China had the right to conquer Tibet, and that the “evil” Dalai Lama is some sort of secessionist. From the standpoint of Marxist Dialectics – this is all wrong!

Earlier I posted why Mao was an Imperialist, and why China has never been even vaguely Marxist, so I’ll just say that Tibet has never been a part of China – except during two periods when China itself was ruled by foreigners (the Mongols, and the Manchus, respectively).  China has no legitimate claim on Tibet, and its statements regarding Tibetan history are nothing but good old-fashioned bull crap.

To enforce Communism upon a people that DO NOT want it invariably leads to disaster.  Just look at Eastern Europe!  When the People’s Republic of China falls, and Tibet is inevitably freed – they will not be in any hurry to accept Marxism.  As in Eastern Europe, Communism will become a dirty word.

Shame on the WWP!  When a “Marxist” organisation understands nothing about Marxism, it bodes ill for the entire Communist movement.

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