Hosni Mubarak, Egypt, and Marxism-Leninism.

Various Marxist groups have recently taken the opportunity to express their solidarity with the people of Egypt that are protesting against the Rule of Hosni Mubarak.  That is a wonderful thing, if a bit late.  Where were these groups 10 years ago, when mere handfuls were protesting?

Obviously, the rule of Mubarak should end.  In the final analysis, though, what will change?  Egypt will still be controlled by Capitalism, and the only question is whether or not the “new” Bourgeois regime will be religious zealots or not.

Egypt has a long history of religious strife.  From the Akhenaten “monotheism”, to the savage burning of the Library of Alexandria, to the Muslim conquest.  All of these have contributed to the character of modern Egypt, and all of these things -taken together- suggest that the reaction against the Mubarak government may lead to greater depths of violence, as well as an attempt to quell the violence through religious strictures.

The problem with supporting the “people”, is that it’s not ALL the people.  We have seen, of late, that Mubarak has his supporters, too.  To think that the anti-Mubarak crowd will be any more open to Marxism-Leninism is a bit childish.  The best case scenario is that Egypt will form a “glorious”, American-style, democracy.  With this comes savage Capitalist repression.

For Marxism-Leninism to take root amongst the people (the vast bulk of them being very poor), we can’t choose sides amongst them.  To support the anti-Mubarak, and ignore the pro-Mubarak, will lead, inevitably, to neither side being overly receptive to what we should be saying: namely that Marxism-Leninism will save them from their lives of misery.

Supporting the people of Egypt should be done in a Marxist-Leninist way, and that way is to express solidarity with the Proletariat as a whole, not just one faction of them.

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