The Right Wing in the U.S.

The “C”PUSA is the largest (supposedly) Communist organisation in the U.S.  Under Sam Webb, the focus of the “C”PUSA (and, to be fair, other groups) has become “defeat the Right”, rather than the correct Marxist-Leninist focus of Proletarian Internationalism.

The battle against the Right will never be won through American “democratic” means.  As we saw in the election of Obama, 47% of the country voted for McCain/Palin!  Obama did not receive an overwhelming majority, no mandate.  He won, aside from the racially historic aspect, a fairly typical U.S. election.  When a large proportion of the citizenry is allied with the Right, and deeply believe in Right issues, how can they be defeated?  It won’t happen by dropping Marxist principles and joining with the Democrats.  It can only happen through education, and example.

As a Marxist-Leninist, stopping the Right is an important task.  However, it is not the overriding task.  A Bourgeois government, whether two-party or parliamentarian, is Capitalist, usually Imperialist, and bases its entire existence on the grab for cash and more power.  Are the Democrats, that may feign support of the Proletariat, any less Capitalist than the Republicans?  Of course not.  They simply disguise their Bourgeois mind-set by throwing money at the Labourer Class, obviously intending to fool the worker into believing that he is cared about by his government.  The sad thing?  This strategy works.

The Obama “Universal” health care plan is completely Bourgeois in every aspect – there is nothing even vaguely Marxist within it and, yet, the “C”PUSA (and other supposedly Communist organisations) wholeheartedly support this plan.  When the Democrats, even the most Liberal, tell us that this plan helps the people, it has to be seen that the only people that are helped are the politicians that can use their so-called concern as a campaign platform.

So many Communists have forgotten the basic tenents of Marxism-Leninism, and have taken into their hearts a Revisionist ideology that does immense damage to the world Communist movement.  In the US alone, “Communist” groups have embraced nationalism, racism, great-leaderism, Bourgeois co-operation, and Capitalist economics, and they have dropped the aspects of Marxism-Leninism that made us a force to be reckoned with in the early days of the last century – namely: Proletarian Internationalism, Revolution, Historical and Dialectical Materialism, and the very simple idea that the worker should reap the greatest part of the rewards for his labour.

What do these organisations do with the dues that they receive?  How much do their chairmen earn?  What are they planning to DO, to make Marxism-Leninism a reality?  Many of these groups spout flowery, pseudo-Communist, rhetoric, but few actually have a realistic game-plan.

What we Communists need to do is to form bonds with the working class.  We need to rehabilitate the image of Marxism-Leninism from that of a dictatorial, failed, ideology, to one that resides in the hearts and minds of the people and are viewed as a viable alternative to the savagery of Capitalism.  Only with the support of the people can we bring ourselves from the lowly position we now occupy, to the vanguard movement of the Proletariat that we should rightfully hold.

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