Liu Shaoqi

 Liu Shaoqi, born in 1898, was one of the victims of Mao’s unquenchable lust for personal power.  A victim of the so-called “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”, Comrade Liu died in 1969.

A quote from his seminal work, How to Be a Good Communist:

“First, he has a high communist morality. Taking a clear-cut, firm proletarian stand, he is able to show loyalty to and love for all comrades, all revolutionaries and working people, help them unreservedly and , act towards them as equals, and he will never allow himself to hurt a single one of them for his own interests. He is able to feel for others, place himself in their position and be considerate of them. On the other hand, he is able to wage resolute struggle against the pernicious enemies of mankind and persevere in the fight for the interests of the Party, the proletariat and the emancipation of the nation and all mankind.
“He is the first to worry and the last to enjoy himself.” Whether in the Party of among the people, he is the first to suffer hardship and the last to enjoy comfort; he compares himself with others not with respect to the material enjoyment but to the amount of work done for the revolution and the spirit of hard endurance in the struggle. In times of adversity he steps forward boldly, and in times of difficulty he does his duty to the full. He has such revolutionary firmness and integrity that “neither riches nor honours can corrupt him, neither poverty nor lowly condition can make him swerve from principle, neither threats nor force can bend him”.

How sad it is that Mao did not exemplify these traits.

Mao’s mad lust for power led him to perverse depths of paranoia, causing him to murder, or imprison, all but the most sycophantic.  With the exception of Zhou Enlai, those that were closest to Mao had the most to fear.  When Mao unleashed the Cultural Revolution on an innocent populace, he was, in reality, simply attempting to consolidate his power by removing all those that he (in his sick mind) believed threatened that power.

After the bloody decade of the Cultural Revolution (1966 -1976), supposedly meant to purge Capitalism from the party, China opened its doors to the West (although Mao, himself, set the stage by meeting with Nixon in 1972).

Today, China is a Capitalist nation similar to Nazi Germany.  The Chinese Communist Party is thoroughly infected with “Great Han Chauvinism (racism)”.  It routinely tramples on even the most insignificant rights of its ethnic minorities. It imprisons and/or executes those that dare to even question the party line. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Germany was the spearhead of Capitalism.  Now, exceeding even the U.S., China has taken up the mantle.

Liu Shaoqi, whether through fear or misguided belief, often quoted Mao.  At the same time, however, he wrote of Marxism-Leninism in a Marxist-Leninist way – not as a Mao worshiping toady. Comrade Liu had the guts to denounce the doomed-to-fail “Great Leap Forward” (even after it did fail, Mao never admitted the grievous error).  Sadly, this is one reason why Mao purged him. 

Liu Shaoqi, the great Marxist-Leninist theoretician, died in a pool of his own excrement – hardly a fitting way for this man to have met his end.

I like to believe that Comrade Liu, far from being a Maoist, was a simple Proletarian Marxist-Leninist, and that he remained one until his death.

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