Basic Marxism-Leninism: Proletarian Class Struggle.

The Proletarian class struggle is comprised of three components:  Economic struggle, Ideological struggle, and Political struggle.

The Economic struggle should be self-evident.  When workers attempt to better their lot, to receive better wages, and etc…, this is the Economic struggle.  This type of struggle, however, is not -on its own- a Marxist-Leninist form of struggle.  People throughout the world want things better for themselves, and their immediate circle, but they are by no means Marxist-Leninist and are by no means influenced by Marxism-Leninism.  That being said, the Economic struggle is an essential aspect of Marxism-Leninism.

The Ideological struggle can more simply be referred to as class-consciousness.  A worker may strive for better economic conditions, but until he realises that the Capitalist machine will always adjust (for example, when workers, across the board, are given pay raises, prices go up – thus rendering the pay raise virtually obsolete), and will always be solely concerned with its own interests, he will get nowhere.  The working class must arrive at the conclusion that Capitalism has only one goal – Cash, and that they mean to share as little of that cash as possible.  The worker must also determine to do something about this situation.

This leads, of course, to the Political struggle.  When workers organise to achieve a common goal, based not on race, or gender, or etc…, but on class, and when they are prepared to use this new organisation to their advantage – it is the essence of political struggle.  The working class cannot simply decide to better their position, they must determine to take the power away from the Bourgeois state, and transform that power into Proletarian power – a Socialist state.  To simply seek momentary remedies to Capitalist economic issues, without the thought of challenging the system as a whole – is Liberal Democracy.

Lenin described the Political Struggle as the most important.  It can not arise without the economic and the ideological, but it is the stage where the action  is, so to speak, and the stage where things can go most wrong.  Many Communists(such as the “C”PUSA)simply, naively, believe that the function of a Worker’s or Communist Party is to improve things for the Proletariat.  This is true, but it is not the primary function.  The primary function of Communism is to usher in the Socialist State, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

And, finally, we come to the Proletarian Revolution.

Capitalism has served is function but, like a bad smell, continues to linger.  The longer Capitalism retains power, the more entrenched it will become, and the harder it will be to remove it.  Capitalism has seemingly softened over the past century or so, but is, in fact, far more insidious today than it was during the time of Marx and Lenin.  Capitalism smiles and nods, but it plunges its claws ever deeper into the pockets of the Proletariat.

As time goes on, and more people become class-conscious, Capitalism will revert to the harshness of the past.  The time to defeat Capitalism is while it is at the height of its complacency.  If we wait until the centers of the Bourgeoisie become armed fortresses – it will be too late

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