Well, Communists all over the US, and the world, are heralding the glorious revolution in Egypt.  What they seem to overlook, especially in the US Communist press, is that Mubarak turned control over to the military.

The events in Egypt cannot be classified as a Proletarian Revolution.  It is, in fact, a protest that the Egyptian Military has, so far, chosen not to fire upon. Will it remain that way?  Possibly, but history tells us that when the military takes control, a military dictatorship begins.

When Isabel Peron was forced to abdicate the Presidency by the Argentine Military, it ushered in one of the most repressive military dictatorships ever known.  Thousands of people simply disappeared.  This is, more or less, what happens when violent men take control of a government.

In a convenient twist, the military refused to disperse the protesters (which is not unheard of), and was then given control of Egypt.  Pretty nice.  A pessimistic person might say that the whole protest was orchestrated, or at least taken advantage of, by some savvy general.  A realist might reach this same conclusion, as it has happened time and time again throughout modern history.  After all, Argentina was not the only nation to experience the tender mercies of the military.

Will the Egyptians finally receive the “democracy” that they’ve been hoping for?  It’s possible, though unlikely.  Even in the event that the military simply takes control until a new leader can be elected, the Egyptians will discover that Bourgeois “democracy” is not all it’s cracked up to be.

It is right to support the people of Egypt at this time, but it is wrong to imagine that this is, in any way, a Proletarian action.  The best case scenario is that a pro-US, bourgeois, government will form.  The worst, I have already described.

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