Proletarian Wisconsin

The Bourgeois governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker (Republican), wants to take away the collective bargaining rights of public employees.  He claims that this measure will shave millions of dollars from the state’s 3.6 billion dollar deficit.

This is an idea that has been toyed with by other states and, if the bill passes, others will follow suit.  Massive protests have been going on throughout Wisconsin, however, and it is not at all certain that this anti-worker bill will pass.  If it does, it will be the first in a series of anti-worker measures that states will attempt in order to “fix the budget”.

Most of the deficit problems in this country have nothing to do with the average worker, but are, instead, the direct result of rampant military spending, huge salaries for the bourgeois politicians, mismanagement of funds, unnecessary public works, and the basic nature of Keynesian Economics.  In a bourgeois economy, however, the politicians choose to cure the disease by eliminating the symptoms, rather than going after the root of the problem.

In the proto-Proletarian demonstrations that are occurring in Madison (and elsewhere in Wisconsin), the anger is palpable (even though the anger is directed at the Republican government of Wisconsin, rather than at the system itself). 

The real question is: How long will that anger last?

Many of you will remember how angry America was at Wall Street during the early days of our current economic crises.  People called for the arrest (and even lynching) of the executives of the decadent companies that were routinely, flauntingly, throwing money around.  Today, where is the anger?  No one mentions Wall Street anymore, and those same executives have happily slunk back to the lifestyle to which they were accustomed.  Things are slightly better, and we have let them off the hook.

Even Obama, the “saviour” has ceased to mention this aspect of the crises.  Does the Obama toady Sam Webb have anything to say about this?  No, and the “C”PUSA is silent.

American anger is misdirected and short-lived.  We need to constantly stress that it is Capitalism itself that is the enemy, that it is the Bourgeois system that must be fought against.  Instead of wasting time trying to defeat the “Right”, we need to focus on destroying the system

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