Sam Webb Fails Again.

“Fixing our nation’s finances and economy doesn’t require a degree from Yale or Harvard or years on the “Street.”

Truth be told, the solutions are relatively simple: Discontinue the Bush tax cuts for the rich; repeal subsidies and tax breaks for big corporations; enact a tax on financial transactions that will generate billions in revenues and cut down short-term speculative transactions; take profit-making (and therefore inflationary pressures) out of the heath care system: lift the cap on Social Security taxes so the wealthy pay into the fund; roll back military/war spending; invest in clean energy and other green technologies; and enact a public works jobs program that will put millions back to work, rebuild crumbling infrastructure, and generate government revenues.”

This is Sam Webb’s “brilliant” plan to fix the country. What he basically wants is a nice, wealthy, Capitalist society.

Reading the above quote, I almost thought It was a page from the Democratic Party website.  When I realised, with horror, that it was the chairman of the “C”PUSA writing this revisionist, opportunist dreck, I nearly cried.  The thought of Webb, a Capitalist Roader if ever there was one, continuing to lead a supposedly Marxist-Leninist organisation is absolutely chilling – not because a Capitalist sympathiser is in charge, but because so many members of the “C”PUSA accept his drivel.

He does make one point when he says that the solution is simple.  The simple solution is that Webb be removed from office, and that true Marxist-Leninist theory be brought back into the “C”PUSA.

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