The Denunciation of American "Communists"

I’ve been reading over my previous entries, and I’ve decided that I owe Sam Webb an apology.  Not because I called him an opportunist, Bourgeois collaborator that is steadily destroying American Communism (because he is), but because I’ve portrayed it as being totally his fault.  The truth, however, is far more disturbing.

It is the fault of the so-called Communists in this country.  The members of the “C”PUSA were ready, willing, and able to accept the revisionism of Sam Webb, and have accepted it for all the years he’s been in “power”.  I can’t blame him because the members were (and still are) happy to accept his Bourgeois philosophies.  If the members of the “C”PUSA want a Gorbachev, they certainly got one.  Gorbachev, a man that by his own admission was never a Communist, allowed the CPSU to sink into the mire, and Webb is doing the same.

If the members of the “C”PUSA choose to go along with it, they are to blame.

When I close my eyes, I see the Hammer and Sickle.  It grieves me to see how pathetic the American Communist movement has become.  They are ghosts of their former selves, too terrified to stand up to the Capitalists.  Instead of fighting against Capitalism, they choose the illusory comfort of joining with it.  They have abandoned the ideals of Marxism-Leninism.

Take, for example, Proletarian Revolution.  The “C”PUSA does not even mention the word in a Proletarian/Communist sense.  They may talk about the various “revolutions” going on in Africa, but they studiously avoid using the word “Revolution”.  They have been caught up in the Utopian Socialist concept of achieving Socialism through the voting booth, and are content to sit quietly, hoping that they will someday achieve success in an election.  But they don’t run candidates, they don’t rally, they don’t do anything.  They even fail to understand the basic nature of American politics, because even if they were to run a candidate (doubtful), and that candidate were to win (even more doubtful), there is no reason to believe that that candidate could accomplish anything before he is voted out.

Now, to be fair, some members of the “C”PUSA left when it became clear that the current leadership of the party was dragging it down into the mud.  However, they went on to join (or form) pathetic, little, groups that have even less influence than the “C”PUSA.   Most of the other “Communist” organisations in the US have less than 100 members, and of those hundred probably less than half are actually active in any way. Add to this the fact that many of these groups deliberately antagonize the average American worker (the people we should be reaching out to) by supporting men like Kim Jong-il (as the WWP does) and Mao Tse-tung (as the RCP and the WWP do), and you have a recipe for disaster.

Of course, in this age of “terrorist” hysteria, very few American Communists are willing to make an open call for Revolution against the Bourgeoisie.  Why should they, when their “leaders” won’t?  The problem is that without a Revolution to smash Capitalism, the Proletariat will go nowhere, and get nothing.

Communism needs an infusion of fresh blood.  It needs people that understand, and follow, basic Marxist-Leninist principles.  It does not need the pathetic ghosts that have tolerated (and from reading their papers) accepted the Revisionist teachings of modern day, American “Communist” leaders.  In order for Marxism-Leninism to survive, it must denounce the opportunists, and embrace the fire that once made Communism a force that was taken seriously (and feared) by the Bourgeoisie.

So I denounce all the opportunists that have infected American Communism, and I call for all true Communists to come together to clean up our house and sweep away these false Marxists.  It’s not too late to restore our Party to what it is supposed to be, but if we don’t act soon – it will be.

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