Ho Chi Minh

One of the greatest leaders of the Marxist-Leninist Movement was Ho Chi Minh – the man that lead Vietnam to victory over French and US Imperialism.

I’d like to post a few quotes from this great Marxist-Leninist:

“Under the glorious banner of Marxism-Leninism and following the path marked out by the October Revolution, with complete faith in the masses and absolute confidence in victory, we march forward with courage and resolution toward a future radiant with happiness, friendship, and lasting peace, toward a Socialist society.”  We Communists, in the United States,  need leadership with the courage and conviction to make a statement like this.

Let all of us single-mindedly unite as one man and be determined to defeat the US aggressors!”  The rallying call that is needed today.

They are betraying the people’s interests and their ranks are being torn by internal strife.  That is why, despite their arrogant attitude, their strength is unstable, like that of a palace built on sand.”  A quote that still aptly describes the US.

Thus, we see that Marxist-Leninist studies are an urgent need for our Party.”  This quote applies to American Communists, with their lack of Marxist-Leninist theoretical understanding, in particular.

Unfortunately, Comrade Ho Chi Minh, Uncle Ho to those that still honour him, died in 1969.  His exposition of Marxist-Leninist theory is his legacy, however, and I urge all true Communists to celebrate his life and accomplishments, and to become familiar with his works.

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