The "Maoist Internationalist Movement" and Others

I just want to make a quick statement on two of the Maoist organisations that are “active” on the internet.

The MIM and the RCP are two small (according to an MIM site “MIM is a small organization.” the RCP seems to have a very limited membership – though they don’t admit it) Maoist groups that spread their anti Marxist-Leninist dogma online.

The main issue with these small groups is their ridiculous assertions about their own importance.  The MIM, for instance makes the outlandish claim that:  “We’ve been tangling with the White House for a few years now.”  The leader of the RCP is claimed to be in hiding from the US government – an equally ridiculous assertion.

They obviously have an extremely overinflated sense of their own importance.

Do these Maoists follow the Nazi concept of the “big lie”, thinking that by constantly repeating a thing, it will be believed to be true?

Avoid these pathetic organisations, as they are false Marxist-Leninists with no idea how unimportant they are.  All they can do is mislead.

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