Lenin on the National Question

“As the party of the proletariat, the Social-Democratic Party considers it to be its positive and principal task to further the self-determination of the proletariat in each nationality rather than that of peoples or nations.” Lenin – The National Question in Our Programme

“In all their propaganda, therefore, the Social-Democrats of Russia must insist on the right of all nationalities to form separate states or to choose freely the state of which they wish to form part.     3.  The Social-Democratic Party’s recognition of the right of all nationalities to self-determination requires of Social-Democrats that they should
    a)  be unconditionally hostile to the use of force in any form whatsoever by the dominant nation (or the nation which constitutes the majority of the population) in respect of a nation that wishes to secede politically;
    b)  demand the settlement of the question of such secession only on the basis of a universal, direct and equal vote of the population of the given territory by secret ballot”  Lenin – Theses on the National Question

I guess Mao and the Chinese government never read their Lenin – or, at least, never took it to heart.

Lenin was very clear that the Proletariat must have the final say in whether they wanted to be a part of some other, perhaps larger, nation.  Even if one were to believe the Chinese lie that Tibet has always been a part of China, and thus they must remain one, it is still a violation of Marxist-Leninist theory – as the quote above clearly states.

Lenin knew the folly of attempting to force the ideals of one culture upon another.  The Czarist regime in Russia was constantly attempting to assimilate the various nationalities within the Russian Empire and, in its attempts, the Proletariat of both nations inevitably suffered.

As we know, the military of a nation is invariably composed almost entirely of the working class (and, in some places, the peasantry), with a very small subsection of wealthy officers and “commanders”.  When a Bourgeois government unleashes its military, it brings untold suffering and hardship to the Proletariat: those that have no say whatsoever.

It is the Proletariat that suffers when one nation invades another.  As such there is no excuse for a Communist nation to indulge in an activity which, by its very nature, is Bourgeois.

China, a false Communist nation, following an anti Marxist-Leninist philosophy, has violated the very essence of legitimate Communism.  It cannot properly be called Communist, Marxist-Leninist, or even Socialist.  It must be considered a Bourgeois dictatorship.

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