The Bourgeoisie and The Terrorists

One really does tire of hearing about the so-called “war on terror”.

The root of the problem is Capitalism.  We all know that the Muslims hate the U.S. because of its foreign policy, and not its wealth.  Capitalist expansion into Islamic areas has angered many in the Middle East, but all that the U.S. sees is green (or, perhaps, one should say “black”.)  The wealth and power of the U.S. is daunting and, for many, there appears to be little else but terrorism.

However, the religious zealots amongst the Muslims are not to be let off the hook.  Take, for example, al-Qaeda.  Osama bin Laden has made various claims of pious adherence to religious principles.  The truth, however, is that bin Laden is not some simple Saudi cleric – he is a Saudi millionaire.  He cares nothing for Islam, nothing for the Arab “nation”.  He, like all Capitalists, cares only for cash.

A similar situation existed in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Hitler and his Nazi followers were the spearhead of Capitalism, a sort of hyper Bourgeoisie.  Hitler’s Imperialist designs were obvious from very early on, when he absorbed Austria and the Sudetenland into Germany.  His pogrom against the Jewish population enriched the German government immeasurably, as the Jews were not only arrested and killed, but their property and belongings were stolen.

The U.S. and Britain were almost immediately set against Hitler – but not because of his politics.  Hitler was a threat because he was the only direct challenge to the Capitalist supremacy of the British and the Americans.

The same is true today, except the role of Capitalist spearhead is now played by the United States.

Religious fundamentalism by no means implies simplicity.  Most of these extremists (whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Hindu) are lead by wealthy men (you can see it clearly in this country with men like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell).  Does anyone believe that Robertson, Falwell, or bin Laden would give up all their money if they lived in the religious “paradise” they imagine?  Look at the Papacy – it holds wealth beyond measure, and has from very early on in its history.  Would they spread it around in an all-Catholic world?  Of course not.

The Bourgeoisie plays on the religious fantasies of the masses.  They know that few things are as important to the people as their religious beliefs, and they use this knowledge to manipulate the masses into following a course of action which is advantageous only to the Bourgeoisie.  McCain and Palin tacitly accepted the violent rhetoric about Obama, and Robertson called for the assassinations of various world leaders (while condemning al-Qaeda as being violent terrorists), because it benefited their agendas.  Fortunately, McCain lost the election in the end, but while he was running for office his coffers were kept full by the faithful, and it goes without saying that the over Christianised idiots that follow Robertson always throw him more cash when he makes some outlandish claim or demand.

In the end, religion and Capitalism go hand in hand – they subsist on each other like some symbiotic monster which, in its turn, parasitically feeds on the Proletariat.

The Proletariat, however, has been given the weapon to fight this dual-headed monster:  Scientific Socialism, otherwise known as Marxism-Leninism.  

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