Wisdom From Georgi Dimitrov

But whatever the masks that fascism adopts, whatever the forms in which it presents itself, whatever the ways by which it comes to power

  • Fascism is a most ferocious attack by capital on the mass of the working people;
  • Fascism is unbridled chauvinism and predatory war;
  • Fascism is rabid reaction and counter-revolution;
  • Fascism is the most vicious enemy of the working class and of all working people.” 

Although he was speaking of German Fascism, one can easily see that the above characteristics apply equally to the United States and its Bourgeois government.

Comrades, the imperialist circles are trying to shift the whole burden of the crisis onto the shoulders of the working people. That is why they need fascism.  They are trying to solve the problem of markets by enslaving the weak nations, by intensifying colonial oppression and repartitioning the world anew by means of war. That is why they need fascism.  They are striving to forestall the growth of the forces of revolution by smashing the revolutionary movement of the workers and peasants and by undertaking a military attack against the …world proletariat. That is why they need fascism.”
Again, one can see the policy of the U.S. government clearly illustrated by Comrade Dimitrov.

The U.S. may not, technically, be fascist – but it has taken over the role of fascism, and has assumed its tactics.

The U.S. and its “Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie” is the greatest threat the world Proletariat has ever known. Our only hope -for freedom, for peace- is Marxism-Leninism.

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