A New Soviet Union?

I’ve been asked whether or not I believe a new Soviet Union will arise.  This is a somewhat difficult question to answer, as it can be taken in more than one way.

I’ll just state that I do, in fact, believe that a new Union of Socialist States will eventually come into being, but that the historical Soviet Union is gone forever.

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Dimitrov, Stalin, and Hoxha all stated (at differing times) that the age of the Proletariat is just beginning.  When taken in epochal terms, we are not that far removed from where they were.  They anticipated setbacks, and we’ve seen them occur.  The fall of the USSR was, perhaps, the largest bump the Communist movement has yet faced – though not necessarily because it fell.

Why, then?  Well, it should be obvious that the nature of the USSR changed dramatically after the death of Josef Stalin – one could say that the fall of the USSR began on the day he died (could things have been turned around?  Yes, but the revisionists gained the upper hand and did not let go).  The bump faced by the Communist movement was the realisation that a slide to Capitalism could occur as easily as it did.

Enver Hoxha, perhaps more than the other Marxist-Leninist theoreticians (since he lived to see the late 20th Century), recognised that there were constant dangers to the World Communist Movement, and he did what he could to provide an ideological guide to overcoming those danger.  He left to us a large body of work detailing not only the problems, but also the way to overcome those problems (It would do us all well to intently study his works though, sadly, they are difficult to come across in English translations). 

He knew the danger, but understood that Marxism-Leninism is immortal. 

What might he have said about the situation of our planet today?  He undoubtedly would not have been surprised by the fall of the USSR, nor would he have been shocked to see the ever more obvious Bourgeois character of China.  I think he would have been pleasantly surprised to see the protests in Wisconsin, and the anger in this country caused by the hyper-Capitalism of Wall Street.  He probably would have felt that neither went far enough.

If there is to be a new Soviet Union, there needs to be some ideological and fraternal unity between the Proletariat of the world, as well as between the true Marxist-Leninist parties of the world.  This unity can only be achieved through Proletarian Internationalism, an active and strong World Communist Movement, and individual Communists that are willing and able to stand up against the Bourgeoisie and not be put back.

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