The APL, a supposedly Communist party, is nothing but a clubhouse for posers that know nothing about Marxism-Leninism.

One of the members asked if I had proof of the statements I made in my earlier post about the anti-Marxist nature of the APL.  Well, to answer this person, I have the emails from Kale.  I have his messages, dripping with desperation, attempting to interest me in his club.  I have his messages which are filled with line after line of contradictions, and inaccurate statements.  Is that proof enough?  Perhaps this person is unaware that emails can be saved, or perhaps (and this is much more likely) this person is simply an idiot.

Obviously when a person chooses to write a comment littered with foul language, rather than something civilised, you can tell what sort of person he is – as well as the sort of person the APL attracts.

The APL have proven themselves to be more than anti-Marxist. 

They are also pathetic.

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