The Real "Infantile Disorder"

Lenin would be ashamed, and would undoubtedly change his definition of an “infantile disorder”, if he were here to read the comments left by people that are allegedly Marxist-Leninist.

The APL continues to try and peddle their garbage here.  I have made it clear that I am not interested in spreading their anti-Marxist viewpoints, and yet they continue to leave comments.  Perhaps they think that if they constantly repeat the same action, they will get a different response.

They will not.

I will, however, respond to three of their comments:

1.  My estimation of the APL does not come from emails from “some member” – that may or may not know the positions of the APL.  They come from someone that presents himself as being a top member of “the Party”.  When such a person makes non-Marxist statements, how is anyone to have confidence in the organisation as a whole?

2.  Lots of people read this blog.  I certainly won’t claim to be a huge hit, but I am satisfied with the page views I’ve received.  You see, I am able to see exactly which posts are being read, and by how many people.  Whether someone wishes to publicly “follow” this blog is immaterial. I am not writing to gain followers – simply to educate. 

3.  A comment was made listing my name, address, and phone number.  All that proves is that I am not afraid to be known as a Communist.  More importantly, I gave that information to the APL – so what does their knowing it prove?  That they are capable of reading?

It is quite sad that a supposedly Communist organisation must behave in such childish ways (undoubtedly reflecting the nature of the members – as well as their ages).  Had one of these comments been posed in an adult way, I would have happily published them.  However, they were filled with attacks, foul language, and schoolyard name calling.  I have no desire to revert to elementary school days.

As of now, I have disabled comments.  It is unfortunate that it had to come to this, but it really is tiresome having to weed out the nonsense.

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