Libya II

Today, the Americans have begun to spout the second phase of the justification of their nonsensical, illegal, attack on Libya:  It is vital to our national security.


I’d like to take a moment to say that I am not a supporter of Colonel Qaddafi politically – as a Communist, my world view is much different.  However, as the latest innocent victim of American Imperialism, I do support him, and the people of Libya.  Taking on the American Imperialist military behemoth takes a lot of guts, and to do so shows real depth of character.

The classic American blanket lie, national security, is already turning up (even though yesterday, we were supposedly protecting the people of Libya) in all of the news broadcasts.  The American politicians, always ready, willing, and able to lie to the American people and the world, are attempting to justify their horrific actions – much as they did when they attacked Iraq.

The Americans have dropped 90,000 pounds of bombs (overkill, anyone?)in one night on Libyan soil, and the Pentagon is gloating about their ability to keep Colonel Qaddafi in check.  The UN has, as always, rubber stamped American actions, thereby legalising the violent, illegal, attacks of the US.  The US has stated, without the slightest bit of credibility, that Colonel Qaddafi is not a target – but if the rebels want to take advantage of the situation, they certainly can.

Obviously, the US is after an American controlled Libya. 

Why now?  Leaving aside the oil question – which most US Communists focus on – the reason is simple:  politics and revenge.  The Americans have been after Colonel Qaddafi for decades.  Reagan failed to kill him in the 1980’s.  Bush failed to isolate Libya in the 2000’s.  Now, with our economy still struggling, Obama has launched a major, and majorly expensive, attack on an independent, legitimate, government – a government that committed no crime, under any stretch of international law, by attempting to put down a rebellion.

Perhaps Obama is hoping to make a quick end to the situation, thereby gaining himself a few popularity points at home in the US where his influence is rapidly declining.  Perhaps some US economist has dreged up the idea that war inevitably improves economic conditions in the victorious nation.  Whatever the reason, American Imperialism is now impossible to ignore, or deny.

Ask yourself this:  If an armed force captured an American city, say Phoenix, and attempted to break away from the US (or, worse still, used it as a staging ground to attack other American cities), how would the Imperialists in Washington DC respond?  Do you suppose they would simply let it happen?  Do you suppose the British and French would establish no fly zones over the area to protect the rebels?  Do you suppose the UN would make a resolution demanding that the US allow the rebels to keep control of any area they’d captured?

In such a circumstance, none of those things would happen.  We would see the US military unleashed on an American city, and none of the Imperialist powers would say or do a thing about it.

All Communists and, indeed, all freedom loving people of the world should condemn the American Imperialist attacks on Libya, and should demand that the US and its allies immediately withdraw from Libyan airspace.

This is about more than just Libyan freedom, this is about Freedom in its simplest sense.  

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