The New Crusade of the Evil Empire

The new crusade is in full swing, led this time not by the Pope, but by the American president who ran on a platform of peace and ending military involvement in the Middle East.

Obama has proven himself to be perfect for the office of the US president.  As a liar, he is well suited to the rigours of American politics.  As a violent Imperialist, he had no problem instigating an attack against a government that was merely attempting to defeat a rebellion.  As a Capitalist, he will profit from his lies and violence.

The White House has become a symbol of oppression to people everywhere in the world, and the current government, much like the last one, sees no problem in extending the oppressive nature of American foreign policy.  Why?  Because the real legacy of an American presidency is not what they might have done internally, but what they did externally (even if what they did was a failure to act, or if it was a only a perceived success).

Nixon – Normalised relations with Maoist China, abandoned Taiwan
Ford –  Mayaguez Incident (a ridiculously inept attempt by the US to “rescue” American merchant sailors.  The Marines landed in the wrong place, and 101 people were killed)
Carter – The hostage crisis, the failure to enforce the Camp David Accords
Reagan – The fall of the Berlin Wall (a case where he had nothing to do with it, but gets the credit anyway), Iran/Contra, Grenada
Bush – Invasion of Panama, first American invasion of Iraq
Clinton – Haiti, Serbia, Ethiopia, Eritrea
Bush – Invasion of Afghanistan, second US invasion of Iraq,
Obama – Invasion of Libya, failure to close Guantanamo, failure to end war in Iraq, failure to end war in Afghanistan, extension of war in Iraq, extension of war in Afghanistan.

Of course, all of these men wholeheartedly supported Israel in its continued assaults on the Palestinian people, ignored Israeli violations of peace treaties and international law, and blamed the Palestine for any and every violent situation that arose.  Not to mention, of course, the secret activities of various US military and Intelligence organisations, and the “kill list” (which amounts to a legalised murder of US opponents by bounty hunters) maintained by the US government.

We might also talk about internal matters, but (with the exception of Bush II approving the possibility of the use of the US military against a US city) most such matters are not violent.  I will take a moment to mention one thing which, while not violent, shows the true nature of the US government.  During the recent labour disputes in Wisconsin (which did spread to a few other states), protesters were arrested and dragged away.  Pretty good for a country that is supposed to be “by, for, and of the people”.

In the final analysis, the United States is nothing more than a violent, Imperialist Empire – a nation led by a government that will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what it sees as its “due”.  It has no morality, no decency, and no concern for right and wrong.  The only principle followed by the true “Evil Empire” is might makes right.

Every Communist must denounce this Evil Empire, and must resist it in every way possible.

Workers of All Nations, Unite!

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