Arrest Barack Obama

The current president of the United States, Barack Obama, has joined an illustrious club:  US leaders that give lip service to “freedom and democracy”, but commit horrific crimes against humanity despite their words.

We all know that George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan were members of this club (some more than others).  Why should we be surprised that Obama has joined?  We really shouldn’t, because American politics are based in deceit and treachery, but Obama rallied the country against his predecessor – the most violent, monstrous, modern day US president.

Obama’s crime in Libya is simple:  The US wants to depose Qaddafi.  The nonsense about spontaneity  aside, the “freedom fighters” in Libya were too well armed and organised to have simply decided to oppose Qaddafi one day.  The rebellion had obviously been in the works for quite some time.  I will state for the record that the US armed, funded, trained, and encouraged the rebels (this truth will be revealed one day – watch for it!).

The US has one objective:  Establish a puppet government in Libya.  With this puppet government in control, Libya will withdraw from OPEC, thereby allowing Libya to drill for, and sell(for quite cheap, I imagine), as much oil as they want. And who will most benefit from this?  The US and its stooge allies.  The US cares nothing for Libya or its people (the US government cares nothing for its own people), and would gladly deal with Qaddafi if he gave it what it wanted.  He refused, and the uprisings in Africa gave the US a perfect opportunity to unleash the rebels.  If they won, great.  If they lost (which they were beginning to do), the US could step in to “help” them.  A perfect scheme.

The US government, the spearhead of Capitalism, is rapidly transforming into a fascist state that even Hitler would admire.  The ideals of the US founding fathers, though they were never really instituted, have been abandoned in every aspect.

The lies and treachery of the US government have existed since the beginning – and now it does not even attempt to disguise it.

Workers of All Nations, Unite!

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