The Reprehensible US Government

I’ve been thinking about the death of Osama bin Laden, and I’ve reached the following conclusions:
1.  Fidel Castro pointed out something that few people seem to consider.  In Obama’s speech, he mentioned the thousands of people that will never see their loved ones again due to the events of 9/11.  Well, what about the tens of thousands of people that will never see their loved ones – due to the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?  We’ve known for a long time that Saddam Hussein was innocent, and we now know that Osama bin Laden was not even in Afghanistan (the US government is trying to claim that he was in Pakistan for only the last 6 years.  Fidel Castro also reminded me of something I’d forgotten – bin Laden had surgery shortly before 9/11, and was in no condition to be spelunking through the mountains of Afghanistan.  Bin Laden was never there, and was, undoubtedly, always in Pakistan).  Not to mention the US soldiers that were killed, the priceless historical treasure stolen from Iraqi museums, and let’s not forget the people that are STILL being held without charges in Guantanamo.  The US destroyed two governments, slaughtered thousands of people, illegally imprisoned people, and blew billions of dollars – all for nothing.
2.  In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  When was bin Laden charged with anything?  When was he tried and found guilty?  The answer is – never.  We may all believe that bin Laden was guilty (I do, for the record), but in this country we don’t (or aren’t supposed to) execute people without the benefit of a trial.   Obama ordered an assassination.  If an American citizen did a similar thing, we’d be in prison.  Why?  Because vigilante justice is illegal.
3.  The rush to be rid of the body is very fishy.  Why the constant assurances that his body was treated according to Muslim proscriptions?  Why the reluctance to show the photos of the body?  Perhaps because we would discover that his assassins had had their “fun”, post-mortem, with the body (I have no doubts that the results of an autopsy would not fit with US propaganda).   Perhaps we would learn that he was shot in the back of the head, or that his face was obliterated, thus making the photos worthless for identification purposes.  Of course, the simple fact is that dumping his body will not stop his followers from making him a martyr.
When the “good guys” act the way they condemn the “bad guys” for acting – what’s the point?
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