American Crimes Against Humanity

As expected NATO, that US puppet, has refused to cease attacking Libya.  This despite the fact that Col. Qaddafi is still in control, and that the people of Libya, by and large, support him.

The US (and their NATO stooges) attacks are criminal, of course, and have been from the beginning.  Already the objective has changed.  Much like the former war criminal president of the US, Bush, changed his lies to fit the facts that were being brought to light in Iraq, Obama and NATO are now seeking to topple Qaddafi – not simply to protect the rebels as was originally stated.  The rebels are losing, not just the battle, but also the support of the people.  How to handle the situation?  It’s quite simple: Change the objective of the attack!

However, as I stated in an earlier post, the true objective has always been the defeat of Qaddafi.  Protecting the rebellion was simply an easy way to get around international law (although, in fact, Libya DOES have the right to put down rebels operating within its borders).

Sadly, the UN has become a joke.  Not just a joke, but a bad joke.  Powerful governments ignore it when it suits their purposes, weak nations are strong-armed into obeying.  When the UN demands that the US end its embargo of Cuba, the US does nothing.  When the UN demands that Saddam Hussein turn over his nonexistent supply of weapons, or that Qaddafi tenderly acquiesce to criminals,  the US goes to war to force their compliance. 

The purpose of the UN was to end war, not to start them.

Of course, the real problem is not that pathetic joke the UN:  The real problem is the criminal government of the US, the gang of like-minded thugs that feed on death and violence.

As such, there will never be an end to war – so long as the US exists.

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