Don’t Buy American

I would like to urge everyone reading this blog to actively refuse buying American made products.  No matter what the item in question might be, don’t buy it if it was made in the USA.

As a Communist, it saddens me to have to make that statement.  After all, some might ask, aren’t Communists supposed to be for the workers?  Yes, Communism has, at its core, the protection and betterment of the working class as its highest priority.

However, there are larger issues to consider here.

The American worker is as deserving as any to the protections that Communism offers.  The problem is that the American worker funds the US government, and the US government has been actively engaged in massive levels of criminal activity for decades, and the frequency of American government crimes have increased more than ever in the past eleven years.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the two most violent US presidents in history, have established a new direction for the United States:  Take what you want, when you want, from whomever you want, and if they resist – destroy them.  To an extent, this has been US governmental policy since the beginning.  However, with the massive power the US gained after the end of WWII, American politicians have become drunk with power, violence, and nearly unlimited wealth, and their crimes have grown accordingly.  Their blood-lust has become insatiable.

Since most of the opposition in this country, including the various pathetic groups that call themselves Communist (“C”PUSA, WWP, APL, etc…), have embraced a policy of co-existence and barely ever even vocally attack the government – the only course of action to take is to stop subsidising the American government by refusing to buy the products that the American worker produces.

It may be harsh, but the sad truth is that the American worker is complicit in the crimes of the US government,  and the only way to combat the evil of the US government is to remove its major source of funding.

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