Here are my predictions for the presidential campaign:

1.  On the Republican side, Romney, Palin, and Bachmann will run.  Undoubtedly others will run, but the three I mentioned are the only three of any consequence.

a.  Bachmann is a lunatic, a religious fanatic.  She is a congresswoman from a small, relatively unimportant, district in Minnesota, and is only known for the ridiculous, inflammatory, statements she’s made over the years.  She won in the last election in a three way race, garnering far less than 50% of the vote – showing that even the majority of her district wanted her out of office.  She will withdraw from the race long before the primary.

b.  Palin, while an idiot, is a Republican and will do what the Republican Party tells her to do.  As such, her being elected would not be the dangerous disaster that Bachmann being elected would.  Fortunately, she will run, and will probably make it to the primary, but she will not be named the Republican candidate.

c.  In all likelihood, Romney will be named the Republican candidate.

2.  Obama will use the death of bin Laden, and ride it until the end.  As it is the ONLY issue that the Republicans will be unable to attack – he will use it to the hilt.  As much of a violent, warmongering, criminal he has become, he will undoubtedly be re-elected.

The current crop of presidential hopefuls, the state of American politics in general, the ever widening divide between several groups of Americans (religious/non-religious, democrat/republican, rich/poor etc..), the American disdain for international law, and the surge in prejudice in the guise of patriotism,  leads me to my biggest prediction: 

The United States of America will not survive to see its 300th birthday.  How much damage it is allowed to do on its way down is up to you.

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