The TSA and How it Typifies the US Government – Sam Webb Approves.

The TSA continues to violate the US Constitution unchecked.  Recently, a cancer-stricken, wheel-chair bound, 95 year old woman was forced to remove her diaper so that some mall cop wannabe could check her for…what?  Who knows.  The fact that it happened is troubling.  The fact that the TSA is standing by the perverted scum that perpetrated this outrage is even worse.

The US courts long ago established that flying is a right, not a privilege.  We, as Americans, are not supposed to be required to produce our travel documents that give us permission to fly.  We do not need special dispensation from the government to step on a plane.  “No Fly” lists, with no due process, no appeal, and no notifications, violate the law.  Our rights DO NOT end at the airport doors.  However, the TSA has been given license to treat all Americans as potential criminals, guilty until proven innocent.  The police cannot strip search you without an arrest, can’t arrest you without Mirandizing you.  Why is the TSA allowed to do this, with no arrest, no Miranda warning, no nothing?

Airport security is allowed to search your person and your luggage.  This does not violate the Constitution, as you implicitly consent to such a search when you purchase, and use, a ticket.  However, making children and the elderly strip?  Groping children that have been taught that strangers should never touch them “down there”?  Ransacking luggage, stuffing everything back in without though one for how it was originally placed?  These things are not only violations of the law, they are violations of our rights as human beings.

My own 84 year old grandmother, wheel-chair bound and stricken with horrific arthritis, was assaulted by a TSA agent recently.  She was unable to lift her bag onto the belt, and could not even stand to attempt to gain more leverage.  The TSA said to her:  “Why did you bring it if you can’t lift it?”  and went on to tell her that she was holding up the line and to place her items on the belt or be removed.  Fortunately, someone (not the TSA) helped her.  Sadly, no one said one word to the bullying TSA agent, nor demanded to speak to a supervisor about his abusive behaviour.

No one has the balls to raise a fuss.  No one dares to question the “great” TSA.  Little by little, the US government itself is edging into the exact same role the TSA holds.  The US citizen is fast becoming the least important part of the equation.

Sadly, Sam Webb and the “C”PUSA are more concerned with Republicans and spending.  The recent “C”PUSA National Committee report is filled with condemnations of the Republicans, and nothing about the vast sums the Obama regime is spending on three wars, nothing on why Obama has not closed the illegal Guantanamo prison, nothing about the gross abuses of power by the TSA and the Department of Homeland “Security”, nothing about the sorry state of Obama’s “economic recovery”. etc…  They worship at the altar of Obama, and ignore his abuses.  They ignore the fact that he is a Capitalist, an Imperialist with no concern for the people.

We, as Communists, have to take back, or dismantle, any supposedly Communist organisation that actively consorts with the enemy.  This includes, first and foremost, the “C”PUSA.

Shame on Sam Webb, and all members of the “C”PUSA that ignorantly follow him.  

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