Sam Webb has continued his “feel good” tours.  These are groups of the YCL that wander around learning about the history of slavery, women’s rights, gay and lesbian issues, and yoga.

Do you notice anything missing from these tours?  I notice the complete and total lack of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism.

As a Communist, I am not interested, at least politically, in yoga.  Women’s rights, and gay rights, are implicit in the basic concepts of Communism.  Do we need to join a committee to know that women and gays are discriminated against?  No – especially when these committees do NOTHING to help the situation.  Is the history of slavery important to teach, when black Americans are still largely second class citizens?  No. Again, black equality is implicit in Communism.  In fact, equality is EXPLICITLY made a central concept of Communism in the writings of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.  Why do we need to hold tea parties of young, supposedly Communist, people to discuss these issues?  We all know that the problems exist,  but we need to ACT, and not DISCUSS.

Sam Webb, and his Bourgeois sympathizers, would have us believe that the democrats are the key to freedom, peace, and equality.  This, despite the fact that Obama is just as bad as Bush when it comes to foreign policy, the economy, education, the national debt, and etc…

Sam Webb is leading his followers into a dead end, a political tar pit that will prove impossible for real Communists to extricate themselves from.  The truth is that the longer Webb stays in control of the “C”PUSA, the harder it will be to bring true Marxist-Leninist ideals back.

I would like to invite my readers to join a new Communist organisation, an organisation that upholds TRUE Marxism-Leninism, an organisation that seeks to defeat Capitalism, an organisation that is not beholden to the dictators of the past, nor to the Capitalists of the present.

Join me, if you want Communism to take its rightful place as the vanguard of the workers.  Join me if you want to work to END Capitalism, and not to bed it.  Join me, if you believe in the true concepts of Marxism-Leninism.

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