Being A Communist

The most obvious thing I can say is that you should be unafraid to be known as a Communist.  Wear the Hammer and Sickle proudly – whether it be on your lapel, a hat, a tee-shirt, etc…  I personally wear an old Soviet Hammer and Sickle Star hat badge in the lapel of my jacket, as well as a modern metal pin on my shirt, everywhere I go.  It has been known to cause minor problems (the TSA DO NOT like seeing them! Ha! Ha!), but the small hassle is worth it.  I have met many people, and opened many minds, in the airport.

Secondly, you should TALK about being a Communist.  To friends, family, and lovers.  Most people have an idea of Communism that comes from a junior high civics class – they don’t know the truth, and believe the Bourgeois lies and distortions.  If they know the truth, they are much more likely to at least discuss Communism with you.  After that, you can judge whether or not they might be interested in learning MORE.

Third, you should learn as much as you can about Communism.  Read Marx, Engels, and Lenin, at the very least.  The only way to combat the false Communism of Bourgeois Socialists like Sam Webb is to know what TRUE Communism is.  Ignore the flowery prose of the “C”PUSA website – ignore the quotes taken out of context.  Read legitimate Communist texts!

Finally, and perhaps surprisingly, you should join the “C”PUSA (if you can.  Sam Webb and his toadies tend to ignore membership applications from those opposed to current “C”PUSA policies.  This despite the fact that they are deperate to attract new members) The only way to defeat Sam Webb and his anti-Communist ideas is to challenge him with overwhelming numbers.

We can bring Communism back to the “C”PUSA!

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