Libya "Smuggling" It’s Own Fuel?

It is amazing what the American government (and its puppet, NATO) will do to try and justify its actions.

We have know for decades that the US government will not hesitate to lie to its citizens and the world.  We know that the US government will manufacture “evidence” to use against other, sovereign, states.  We know that the US presidency is nothing but a tool of the Bourgeoisie, and will do whatever is necessary to protect its wealthy masters.

Today, I’ve encountered something new.  The US and NATO have made accusations that Colonel Qaddafi is smuggling his own fuel resources!

Aside from the fact that Colonel Qaddafi is the legitimate leader of Libya, and cannot -by definition- smuggle fuel from himself,  the illegal NATO invaders have absolutely no right to determine how much of the Libyan nation’s resources Colonel Qaddafi is allowed to use.  Is the US government “smuggling” fuel when it siphons it off the top to power its war machine?  That fuel could be used by the American people, but the US government is within its rights to use its fuel however it will.

The main idea here is that the US government controlled news media is actively participating in the illegal invasion by spreading US propaganda through its various outlets.  How often over the past months has some news agency claimed that Colonel Qaddafi would be gone any day now?  At least five times that I can remember.  Six, actually, if you count the story published today which quoted a Libyan traitor now living in Vienna.  How often do they report about the Libyan loyalists?  How often did we see the pro-Qaddafi demonstrations that were frequently held before NATO began to destroy Libyan civilian and military targets alike?

The US controlled NATO gloats at the hint of a political solution when it allegedly comes from Colonel Qaddafi, but they offer no political solution.  They want Qaddafi dead (as they have since the 1980’s), and they will stop at nothing to murder him.  Libya is a potential goldmine, and the US and its puppets WANT it.  Will they compromise with Colonel Qaddafi?  Of course not.

I would like to end by pointing out, again, that Colonel Qaddafi had every right under international law to strike against the rebels.  These were not protestors, as in Egypt and Syria, these were (and still are) heavily armed traitors (armed and funded by the US and its stooges).  In the exact same situation, the US government would react in the EXACT SAME way.

The US government cannot get its economy on track, but it has plenty of money to spend on foreign wars and on illegal invasions.

How pathetic.

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