The Webb Led "C"PUSA and Libya.

I would like to take a moment to deconstruct the Webbist “C”PUSA statement on Libya.

First, notice this:   “The NATO powers, especially, France, the U.K., Italy and the United States, have gone far beyond any authority given them by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, which authorized the creation of a no-fly zone to protect unarmed Libyan civilians from being slaughtered by forces loyal to Moammar Gadaffi.”

Do you notice how the “C”PUSA tacitly goes along with the Imperialists by repeating the statement about slaughtering innocent civilians?  The Libyan military was striking against rebels that sought, obviously without a “majority”, to oust Colonel Qaddafi.  Sadly, in war, innocents are often the primary casualty.  Ask this:  How many civilians have NATO killed?  This question does not interest the Webb-led “C”PUSA, at least insofar as the whole situation is concerned.  This is how they describe the actions of NATO:  “As the conflict, involving pro-Gadaffi troops, mercenaries and tribal levies, NATO air strikes and rebel action, goes on, more and more people are dying and a larger and larger refugee situation is being created”
Colonel Qaddafi is slaughtering innocents, but NATO airstrikes merely lead to people dying.  This clearly shows the bias of the Webb-led “C”PUSA.  
In the article quoted above, Barack Obama is not held responsible in any way, except as an afterthought:”The Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) calls upon the people of our country, including especially the anti-war movement, organized labor and other democratic people’s movements, to demand that Obama administration to break with the aggressive policy its NATO allies…”  It seems that the “C”PUSA has forgotten that Obama approves of the attacks, and has spent US funds participating in the attack!  Not to mention, of course, that the US CONTROLS NATO!

Notice the following list of names from the article:
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
Presidents Ben-Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt
President Sarkozy of France
Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy
Moammar Gadaffi

What do you notice about this list?  Well, of the six names, four of them are US sympathizers.  That, however, is not what you should notice.  What you should notice is how the “C”PUSA addresses these men – by title.  Except for Colonel Qaddafi.  Not once in the above article is Colonel Qaddafi addressed as the leader of a sovereign nation.  Most often, he is simply called “Gadaffi”.  Whatever you might think about the Colonel’s alleged past actions, he is the legitimate leader of Libya, and should be addressed as such.  The “C”PUSA  puts him in the same class as bin Laden.

The “C”PUSA finally “demands” that the US government: “join the international call for a cease fire in Libya and a negotiated solution.” and that:”We ask all progressive people to demand US withdrawal from the attacks, and US support for a cease fire and negotiations now.”
They do not demand that the US government immediately withdraw unconditionally, they ask that the citizens of the US demand that the government withdraw.  They ask for negotiations.  Negotiations with whom?  The rebels?  NATO?  No negotiations are required as the US supported NATO invasion was illegal from the start.

Whatever you might think of Colonel Qaddafi is irrelevant.  The people of Libya must determine their own fate, without interference from Imperialist powers with obvious agendas that have nothing to do with the people! 

As a true Communist, I am appalled by the stance of the Webbist “C”PUSA.  This only proves, without a doubt, that Sam Webb (and, indeed, the bulk of the “C”PUSA) has strayed so far from Marxist-Leninist principles that he can no longer legitimately be called Communist.

He is a Bourgeois puppet.
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