A Dark Day in US History

The government of the United States has formally recognised the terrorist rebels in Libya as the legitimate governing body.  They have the gall to say: “Washington accepts the Transitional National Council as the legitimate governing authority of the Libyan people.”!  This despite the fact that the Libyan people are by no means united in their support of the terrorists.

This is the culmination of a series of events designed by the US and its NATO stooges to harvest the wealth of Libya.  Notice the name of the terrorist group: the Transitional National Council.  The NATO Imperialists intended, from the beginning, to remove Colonel Qaddafi.  This “transitional” council would have been put in place whether the terrorists were personally able to defeat the legitimate government or not.  As we know, they have been unable to defeat Colonel Qaddafi – even with NATO help!  The US and its stooges have paid them, armed them, and bombed the hell out of Libya for them, and they still could not win.  Yet know, at least to the US, they have somehow become more legitimate than the legal government of Colonel Qaddafi.  What an awe inspiring group!

Notice also the use of the word “national”.  It is clear that not all Libyans support the terrorists – not even a bare majority of them.  How can a “national” council be called such, when they are unable to win the loyalty of the people?  More importantly, how can the US recognise such a group?  Obviously, the answer has nothing to do with the people of Libya – but with the coffers of the US government.

The most disturbing aspect of this situation is that it demonstrates the true nature of the United States.  The US government does not hate terrorists – they just hate those terrorists that they can’t control.  We will gladly support any movement that seeks to bring down a government that does not kowtow to the US.  So long as the US thinks it controls the terrorist group – everything is fine.

Until it blows up, literally, in the US governments face.

Mindless of the possible future consequences the US plows ahead, giving arms, cash, and technical assistance to a group of terrorists – a group they know absolutely nothing about.  The US funded the anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan (the future Taliban), and later came to regret it.  Who can say what these terrorists in Libya will one day turn into?

Obama will be out of office long before they become a real problem.

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