The Criminal, Imperialist, TSA

The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

Ours is using national security.

Tyranny can only exist if WE let it, and only WE can stop it. It doesn’t matter the personal cost – prison, fines, missed flights. All these are irrelevant. We have to STAND against it – if we refuse to speak out – we are complicit.

Evil must be opposed!
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Sam Webb has continued his “feel good” tours.  These are groups of the YCL that wander around learning about the history of slavery, women’s rights, gay and lesbian issues, and yoga.

Do you notice anything missing from these tours?  I notice the complete and total lack of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism.

As a Communist, I am not interested, at least politically, in yoga.  Women’s rights, and gay rights, are implicit in the basic concepts of Communism.  Do we need to join a committee to know that women and gays are discriminated against?  No – especially when these committees do NOTHING to help the situation.  Is the history of slavery important to teach, when black Americans are still largely second class citizens?  No. Again, black equality is implicit in Communism.  In fact, equality is EXPLICITLY made a central concept of Communism in the writings of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.  Why do we need to hold tea parties of young, supposedly Communist, people to discuss these issues?  We all know that the problems exist,  but we need to ACT, and not DISCUSS.

Sam Webb, and his Bourgeois sympathizers, would have us believe that the democrats are the key to freedom, peace, and equality.  This, despite the fact that Obama is just as bad as Bush when it comes to foreign policy, the economy, education, the national debt, and etc…

Sam Webb is leading his followers into a dead end, a political tar pit that will prove impossible for real Communists to extricate themselves from.  The truth is that the longer Webb stays in control of the “C”PUSA, the harder it will be to bring true Marxist-Leninist ideals back.

I would like to invite my readers to join a new Communist organisation, an organisation that upholds TRUE Marxism-Leninism, an organisation that seeks to defeat Capitalism, an organisation that is not beholden to the dictators of the past, nor to the Capitalists of the present.

Join me, if you want Communism to take its rightful place as the vanguard of the workers.  Join me if you want to work to END Capitalism, and not to bed it.  Join me, if you believe in the true concepts of Marxism-Leninism.

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The TSA and How it Typifies the US Government – Sam Webb Approves.

The TSA continues to violate the US Constitution unchecked.  Recently, a cancer-stricken, wheel-chair bound, 95 year old woman was forced to remove her diaper so that some mall cop wannabe could check her for…what?  Who knows.  The fact that it happened is troubling.  The fact that the TSA is standing by the perverted scum that perpetrated this outrage is even worse.

The US courts long ago established that flying is a right, not a privilege.  We, as Americans, are not supposed to be required to produce our travel documents that give us permission to fly.  We do not need special dispensation from the government to step on a plane.  “No Fly” lists, with no due process, no appeal, and no notifications, violate the law.  Our rights DO NOT end at the airport doors.  However, the TSA has been given license to treat all Americans as potential criminals, guilty until proven innocent.  The police cannot strip search you without an arrest, can’t arrest you without Mirandizing you.  Why is the TSA allowed to do this, with no arrest, no Miranda warning, no nothing?

Airport security is allowed to search your person and your luggage.  This does not violate the Constitution, as you implicitly consent to such a search when you purchase, and use, a ticket.  However, making children and the elderly strip?  Groping children that have been taught that strangers should never touch them “down there”?  Ransacking luggage, stuffing everything back in without though one for how it was originally placed?  These things are not only violations of the law, they are violations of our rights as human beings.

My own 84 year old grandmother, wheel-chair bound and stricken with horrific arthritis, was assaulted by a TSA agent recently.  She was unable to lift her bag onto the belt, and could not even stand to attempt to gain more leverage.  The TSA said to her:  “Why did you bring it if you can’t lift it?”  and went on to tell her that she was holding up the line and to place her items on the belt or be removed.  Fortunately, someone (not the TSA) helped her.  Sadly, no one said one word to the bullying TSA agent, nor demanded to speak to a supervisor about his abusive behaviour.

No one has the balls to raise a fuss.  No one dares to question the “great” TSA.  Little by little, the US government itself is edging into the exact same role the TSA holds.  The US citizen is fast becoming the least important part of the equation.

Sadly, Sam Webb and the “C”PUSA are more concerned with Republicans and spending.  The recent “C”PUSA National Committee report is filled with condemnations of the Republicans, and nothing about the vast sums the Obama regime is spending on three wars, nothing on why Obama has not closed the illegal Guantanamo prison, nothing about the gross abuses of power by the TSA and the Department of Homeland “Security”, nothing about the sorry state of Obama’s “economic recovery”. etc…  They worship at the altar of Obama, and ignore his abuses.  They ignore the fact that he is a Capitalist, an Imperialist with no concern for the people.

We, as Communists, have to take back, or dismantle, any supposedly Communist organisation that actively consorts with the enemy.  This includes, first and foremost, the “C”PUSA.

Shame on Sam Webb, and all members of the “C”PUSA that ignorantly follow him.  

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Here are my predictions for the presidential campaign:

1.  On the Republican side, Romney, Palin, and Bachmann will run.  Undoubtedly others will run, but the three I mentioned are the only three of any consequence.

a.  Bachmann is a lunatic, a religious fanatic.  She is a congresswoman from a small, relatively unimportant, district in Minnesota, and is only known for the ridiculous, inflammatory, statements she’s made over the years.  She won in the last election in a three way race, garnering far less than 50% of the vote – showing that even the majority of her district wanted her out of office.  She will withdraw from the race long before the primary.

b.  Palin, while an idiot, is a Republican and will do what the Republican Party tells her to do.  As such, her being elected would not be the dangerous disaster that Bachmann being elected would.  Fortunately, she will run, and will probably make it to the primary, but she will not be named the Republican candidate.

c.  In all likelihood, Romney will be named the Republican candidate.

2.  Obama will use the death of bin Laden, and ride it until the end.  As it is the ONLY issue that the Republicans will be unable to attack – he will use it to the hilt.  As much of a violent, warmongering, criminal he has become, he will undoubtedly be re-elected.

The current crop of presidential hopefuls, the state of American politics in general, the ever widening divide between several groups of Americans (religious/non-religious, democrat/republican, rich/poor etc..), the American disdain for international law, and the surge in prejudice in the guise of patriotism,  leads me to my biggest prediction: 

The United States of America will not survive to see its 300th birthday.  How much damage it is allowed to do on its way down is up to you.

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Don’t Buy American

I would like to urge everyone reading this blog to actively refuse buying American made products.  No matter what the item in question might be, don’t buy it if it was made in the USA.

As a Communist, it saddens me to have to make that statement.  After all, some might ask, aren’t Communists supposed to be for the workers?  Yes, Communism has, at its core, the protection and betterment of the working class as its highest priority.

However, there are larger issues to consider here.

The American worker is as deserving as any to the protections that Communism offers.  The problem is that the American worker funds the US government, and the US government has been actively engaged in massive levels of criminal activity for decades, and the frequency of American government crimes have increased more than ever in the past eleven years.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the two most violent US presidents in history, have established a new direction for the United States:  Take what you want, when you want, from whomever you want, and if they resist – destroy them.  To an extent, this has been US governmental policy since the beginning.  However, with the massive power the US gained after the end of WWII, American politicians have become drunk with power, violence, and nearly unlimited wealth, and their crimes have grown accordingly.  Their blood-lust has become insatiable.

Since most of the opposition in this country, including the various pathetic groups that call themselves Communist (“C”PUSA, WWP, APL, etc…), have embraced a policy of co-existence and barely ever even vocally attack the government – the only course of action to take is to stop subsidising the American government by refusing to buy the products that the American worker produces.

It may be harsh, but the sad truth is that the American worker is complicit in the crimes of the US government,  and the only way to combat the evil of the US government is to remove its major source of funding.

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American Crimes Against Humanity

As expected NATO, that US puppet, has refused to cease attacking Libya.  This despite the fact that Col. Qaddafi is still in control, and that the people of Libya, by and large, support him.

The US (and their NATO stooges) attacks are criminal, of course, and have been from the beginning.  Already the objective has changed.  Much like the former war criminal president of the US, Bush, changed his lies to fit the facts that were being brought to light in Iraq, Obama and NATO are now seeking to topple Qaddafi – not simply to protect the rebels as was originally stated.  The rebels are losing, not just the battle, but also the support of the people.  How to handle the situation?  It’s quite simple: Change the objective of the attack!

However, as I stated in an earlier post, the true objective has always been the defeat of Qaddafi.  Protecting the rebellion was simply an easy way to get around international law (although, in fact, Libya DOES have the right to put down rebels operating within its borders).

Sadly, the UN has become a joke.  Not just a joke, but a bad joke.  Powerful governments ignore it when it suits their purposes, weak nations are strong-armed into obeying.  When the UN demands that the US end its embargo of Cuba, the US does nothing.  When the UN demands that Saddam Hussein turn over his nonexistent supply of weapons, or that Qaddafi tenderly acquiesce to criminals,  the US goes to war to force their compliance. 

The purpose of the UN was to end war, not to start them.

Of course, the real problem is not that pathetic joke the UN:  The real problem is the criminal government of the US, the gang of like-minded thugs that feed on death and violence.

As such, there will never be an end to war – so long as the US exists.

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The Reprehensible US Government

I’ve been thinking about the death of Osama bin Laden, and I’ve reached the following conclusions:
1.  Fidel Castro pointed out something that few people seem to consider.  In Obama’s speech, he mentioned the thousands of people that will never see their loved ones again due to the events of 9/11.  Well, what about the tens of thousands of people that will never see their loved ones – due to the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?  We’ve known for a long time that Saddam Hussein was innocent, and we now know that Osama bin Laden was not even in Afghanistan (the US government is trying to claim that he was in Pakistan for only the last 6 years.  Fidel Castro also reminded me of something I’d forgotten – bin Laden had surgery shortly before 9/11, and was in no condition to be spelunking through the mountains of Afghanistan.  Bin Laden was never there, and was, undoubtedly, always in Pakistan).  Not to mention the US soldiers that were killed, the priceless historical treasure stolen from Iraqi museums, and let’s not forget the people that are STILL being held without charges in Guantanamo.  The US destroyed two governments, slaughtered thousands of people, illegally imprisoned people, and blew billions of dollars – all for nothing.
2.  In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  When was bin Laden charged with anything?  When was he tried and found guilty?  The answer is – never.  We may all believe that bin Laden was guilty (I do, for the record), but in this country we don’t (or aren’t supposed to) execute people without the benefit of a trial.   Obama ordered an assassination.  If an American citizen did a similar thing, we’d be in prison.  Why?  Because vigilante justice is illegal.
3.  The rush to be rid of the body is very fishy.  Why the constant assurances that his body was treated according to Muslim proscriptions?  Why the reluctance to show the photos of the body?  Perhaps because we would discover that his assassins had had their “fun”, post-mortem, with the body (I have no doubts that the results of an autopsy would not fit with US propaganda).   Perhaps we would learn that he was shot in the back of the head, or that his face was obliterated, thus making the photos worthless for identification purposes.  Of course, the simple fact is that dumping his body will not stop his followers from making him a martyr.
When the “good guys” act the way they condemn the “bad guys” for acting – what’s the point?
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